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The majority of surf bars are French. The surfbars that I work with are no exceptions. This online translator might be useful to you. I'll provide a little guide here on how to use them. The surf bar itself is a a very simple thing. It couldn't be any simpler. Just run it, place it where it doesn't bother you and forget it. Every now and then a presence code is needed to be entered and that's all. I picked these three bars because in my opinion they are the best, they are reliable, and free to join.

If you are not familiar with the surfbars, and want to know what they are and how do they work - click here.


make cash

20dollars2Surf was launched in 2008. It is also a French surfbar, but this one has 8 languages to choose from, English is among them, of course.
20dollars2Surf pays 10% after your referrals 10 levels deep! Payout threshold is set to $20 and is paid via PayPal.

This one is the most simple surfbar. It's easy to install, and easy to use it. Start the signup here. On the opening page enter your e-mail address then press the "Join us" button. On the next page the surfbar installer can be downloaded. Click the link, save the file then run it.
Next you need to provide some data about you: your username, are you man or woman, year of birth, your language, your country, and your website address if you have any. The fields being completed press the "Next" button. You'll receive an e-mail containing your 20dollars2Surf password. Here you are, you are ready to run the bar and accumulate your points.

Surprisingly enough the 20Dollars2Surf never asks for a presence code. It runs smoothly and silently all day long.

This bar's size is 468x60, just like a regular banner. On startup it sits on the bottom of the screen. It can be grabbed by pressing the "-" and it can be dragged wherever you want. By pressing the "X" button the surfbar is closed. To start it up again the easiest way is to click on the 20dollars2Surf icon placed on your Desktop. Pressing the "$" button takes you to the 20dollars2Surf homepage. There you can see how many referrals you've got, how many points and how much money you have made so far. The points are converted to money on the 1st day of every month and then the points are set to zero).
There are Games available on the site: BingoSurf and Wheelsurf. A free game is allowed every day on each of them, points, credits, referrals and the Big JackPot can be obtained this way.
Take a look at the Bonus section, under the Click Bonus links there are ads to click worth 10 points (30 sec). Under the Surfer Bonus link you can see your bonus points. Bonus points are the points that you have gained by clicking the Surfer Bonus on the bar (picture above). So, keep watch on the bar you can gain 1-1000 points by a simple click.
In the Referrals section there is the Link and Banners. Here you can find your own referral link. Use this link and these banners to invite others to join 20dollars2Surf. You get 10% of your referrals' points. The more referrals you have the more money you make. When the payout minimum of $20 is reached, the money can be requested toPayPal.


EcBarre sign up
Payment Proofs
I'm waiting for a payment from EcBarre that I requested on 30th Aug. 2009. Until there is no change for the better, I do not recommend this site...

ECBarre is a French surfbar, it went public on March 2007.
The personal downline can be 10 levels deep! If you manage to refer a few users and they also refer others the payout threshold is reached quite fast. You earn from your referrals as follows:

1st level=30%; 2nd level=20%; 3rd level=10%; 4th level=5%; 5th level=3%;
6th level=2%; 7th level=2%; 8th level=1%; 9th level=1%; 10th levelt=1%

Each displayed banner ad on the bar is worth 0.5 point. Your account will be credited according to the country you live in:
Zone 1 - 100%: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland and Italy.
Zone 2 - 90%: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Country Netherlands
Zone 3 - 75%: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Israel.
Zone 4 - 70%: All Francophone African countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Mauritius, Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Niger, DR Congo, Congo, Togo, Cameroon, Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Central Africa, Rwanda, Seychelles, Senegal and Chad).
Zone 5 - 50%: All other countries in Africa, USA, Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean (excluding DOM-TOM, regarded as France).
Zone 6 - 30%: All countries in Asia (excluding China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Brunei, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, East Timor , Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Viet Nam), and the countries of Oceania (excluding overseas territories and French Polynesia, considered France).
Zone 7 - 10%: China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Brunei, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, East Timor, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines , Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Your collected points are converted to Euro at the end of the month. The conversion rate is 10-12 Euro cents / 1000 points. The payout threshold is 15 Euros, and can be requested via PayPal.
You can run this bar as an Individual or you can join a Clan. Being a member of a Clan you will earn more but you oblige yourself to some tasks to do.

SIGN UP HEREECBarre sign up
After you clicked the Sign up link the ECBarre website opens. In the top, left-hand corner of the site under the MENU PRINCIPAL title you'll find the inscription link. You can enter the required data by clicking on it. Afterwards you'll get an e-mail that contains your ID number altogether with a link clicking on which you can activate your ECBarre account and you'll get back to the ECBarre website. Under the GAGNER DES EUROS title you'll find the télécharger la barre link. Via this you can download your surf bar, a very small piece of software. After the download is completed, run the installer. In order to set up the bar you need Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed on your PC. On most computers it is already installed, but if you don't have it, you can download it here. On your Desktop an ECBarre icon was created. By clicking on it, an identification panel will appear. This will occur for the first use of the bar. You have to submit the required data, then your bar is ready to go and to collect points for you.

The bar itself is a well thought out tool and simple enough to be used easily. Your points are always displayed on it, but those points are only those that are accumulated according to the ECBarre surf bar running time. By entering their site you have a lot of opportunities to gain additional points. There are points to click, raffles, puzzles, contest of the month, of the day, of the afternoon and of the night. It's free to participate to most of them and the prizes are valuable. You can win points, tickets or even referrals.

About every two hours, bonus banners appear on your bar. If you see something like this click on it and the points displayed are added to your account if you are a Clan member, or 10% of the displayed points if you run the bar individually. These points count in the daily contests as well.

You have to enable pop-up windows from the ECBarre website to be able to click the paid ads and to use some additional features. To enable this functionality, add a new rule in the enabling list of your browser. In this case, the following address

Here are a few links that might interest you, which were found on the left side of the ECBarre homepage:
compte - detailed report about earned points, gained money,
filleuls - detailed infos about your down line and up line,
parrainage - your referrer links, banners -USE THESE TOOLS TO INVITE OTHERS TO YOUR DOWNLINE. The more referrals you have the more money you make,
paiement - the cash out can be requested here if you have at least 15 Euros,
clics rémunérés - here you find ad banners. By clicking on them you'll get 15 points for each.
coupe EC-Barre - a monthly contest, big prizes,
concours EC-Barre - a daily and a monthly contest,
concours EC-Barre light - daily contest take place between 17h and 23h,
concours EC-Barre night - daily contest take place between 00h and 6h,
tickets bonus - For every 250 points collected by your bar, you'll get a ticket,
tombola - Every Sunday there is a draw. Here you can get one ticket everyday.

If, for whatever reason, you need to reinstall the bar to be able to use your existent account, log in to the ECBarre home page with your e-mail address and your password as usual, and download the surf bar installer, and follow the steps as you did when you registered. No sign up this time, just download the bar installer software, set it up (be sure MS .NET Framework is installed first), run your surf bar, provide the required data in the identification panel, and you can continue with your account where you left off.


Payment Proofs

The SmartBarre has been present among the surf bars since May 2007, and it is not surprising that it's French, too. This bar is the smallest and the most flexible of the three bars presented here. As long as it runs it collects points for you that are converted to Euros at the end of each month. Cash out can be requested when there are at least 15 Euros in your account. Its referral earning system is not outstanding but it's not bad at all. It looks like this:

1st level: 25%;
2nd level: 10%;
3rd level: 10%.

With the aid of some active referrals our earnings will grow considerably. You get a 300 point bonus for registration.

On the opening page fill in the registration form. After you pressed the Inscription button on the bottom of the page, you'll receive an e-mail that contains an account activation link. By clicking on it, you'll get to the SmartBarre homepage where you can login.
On the left side of the page under the Navigation title click on the Connexion link. enter your e-mail address and your password then press the Connexion button. Now you have to download the surf bar. Click the Barre link then click the Télécharger link There you'll find the file you need, namely the 'Barrefinal (executable)". You'll get an .exe file, ready to run. No set up is needed at this point, the downloaded file is the surf bar itself, just click on it and your surf bar is ready to accumulate points for you.

You can grab the bar by the vertical MENU text and you can place it where you want. By clicking with the right mouse button on the vertical MENU text, the bar's menu appears:

Aller sur le site: Go to the web site
Opacité: Set the opacity of the bar (70-100%)
Déplacer la barre: Moving the bar
Mes points: Our collected points
Quitter: Quit

In addition to the points that the bar accumulates by running on your screen, you can gain more points by entering their website. Under the Espace Membres title are the links that might interest you.
Clics Rémunérés - Here you can click banners and get 10 points for each.
Tombola - It is the raffle game where you can win points to your account. You can have four tickets a day, you have to click four banners to achieve them. You can use the same method as for the Clics Rémunérés.
Parrainage - Here you'll find your referring link. If somebody joins SmartBarre using that link it will become your referral. -USE THESE TOOLS TO INVITE OTHERS TO YOUR DOWNLINE. The more referrals you have the more money you make.
Mes filleuls - Statistics about your referrals.
Achat filleuls - Here you can buy referrals.
Paiement - Here you can request your cash out (if you reached the 15 Euro limit).
Jackpot - Big prizes.

If it happens that you have to relaunch your SmartBarre, go to the SmartBarre homepage, download the piece of software again as you did when registered, and that's it. SmartBarre proves again its simplicity.


EuroBarre registration

EuroBarre was the most popular surf bar. In its five years of existence it proved to us that it is a trust worthy company. But in 2008. June a decision was made that only the French users will be paid, so there's no use to sign up here unless you live in French.
Eurobarre has more than 1.200.000 members.
All you have to do is to let the bar running in the upper middle part of the screen. This bar cannot be moved. It's size is about 20 x 2 cm. Accepting that EuroBarre has its own fixed position, you may place your other surf bars on/under this bar for space saving. The bar accumulates points for you depending on how much time it runs.
Its referral system is rather unique among surf bars. The down line is only 1 level deep, but the referrer gains 100% for his/her referrals. With a few referrals, the 15 Euro paying threshold can be made in a matter of days. The collected points are converted to Euros at the end of each month. They deliver the money via PayPal.
You can earn bonus points:
  • Loyality bonus: you'll get 5.000 points on your 15th, 45th and 75th day of being a EuroBarre user.
  • E-mail bonus: if you subscribe, you'll receive e-mails from EuroBarre containing a link, which will give you 50 or 100 points.
  • Surveying bonus: if you survey certain websites you will be rewarded with 1.000 - 2.500 points. You'll have to answer a few questions correctly, so knowing the French language is an advantage. They are simple questions though, you shouldn't have any trouble with them.
On the opening page click on the Installer link.

On the next page click on the "Cliquez ici pour lancer votre Eurobarre" link.
If you encounter any problem with that link go to the bottom of the page and click the "Télécharger cette version complète si vous avez des problèmes d'installation !".
Actually I advise you to start with the second link. Now run the installer you've just downloaded. It may stop the installation process complaining on a file (vb6fr.dll) missing. If that occurs go here and download the missing file. Then copy the unzipped vb6fr.dll file into your Windows\System\ folder and into Windows\System32\ folder as well. Now start the EuroBarre installer again. This time it should set up properly and another window opens.

Here you have to submit some data.
1) The first string of numbers is generated automatically by the EuroBarre, you have to choose a four-digit number for yourself. The whole string will be sent to your e-mail address. You'll need it later on, so keep it.
2) Select your country.
3)Enter your e-mail address.
4) Click the ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT button.

Now you are ready to make use of your surf bar and start accumulating points.

This surf bar has its own manager panel, you don't need to go to any website. On the right side of the surf bar a few buttons are placed. By the meanings of them you can access all the options you need.

After a period of time you might need to reinstall the EuroBarre, and obviously you want to continue with your existing account. Download the bar installer software and set it up just like you did when you've registered. On the opening window go to the bottom of the page this time. There is a Former Member area. Submit your account number that was given to you when you registered, and enter your secret code as well. Then click the Reactivate Account button, and you get your account
back. Should you lose your account number or secret code, press the Lost button for further instructions.

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